Anorak News | Parents seek dolphin-assisted birth in Hawaii

Parents seek dolphin-assisted birth in Hawaii

by | 29th, May 2013

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IT’S all about “reconnecting“! with dolphins. The Charlotte Observer reports:

Last month, Adam Barringer, 29, and his pregnant wife Heather, 27, boarded a plane for Hawaii. The couple traveled over 4,500 miles in the hopes of welcoming baby Bodhi into the world during a dolphin-assisted birth in Pohoa, Hawaii.

The couple will stay and study with Star Newland, founder of The Sirius Institute, a consortium with the purpose of “dolphinizing” the planet.

Ukrainian dolphins might be less responsive. The Ukrainian Navy has been training  dolphins to kill enemy divers. Dophins have been murdering porpoises. Florida dolphins have a taste for children. Adam should also watch out for Heather being raped.

The article continues:

Before they learned they were pregnant, the idea of a water-and-dolphin birth appealed to Heather and Adam and they say they have experienced signs along the way, pointing them to Hawaii and the institute…

At the institute, the couple will spend time in the water, forming a connection with a dolphin pod they hope will bond with them and ultimately their newborn.

“It is about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so we can coexist in this world together and learn from one another,” says Heather.

A reader writes:

Way to miss the point. Giant predators. Blood in the water. Wiggly foodlike items. What could go wrong? Just because a critter is smooth and it’s skull structure forces it’s jaw into a permanent rictus smile doesn’t make it all airy fairy. A dolphin is a predator even if it hits a lot of human “cute” buttons and as a predator it will do as it pleases.

PS: the photo above is captioned: “To help fund their Hawaii adventure, Heather Barringer worked at the Smelly Cat Coffehouse in No Da.”


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