Anorak News | Teenager carves name into ancient Egyptian Relic

Teenager carves name into ancient Egyptian Relic

by | 30th, May 2013

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ON a holiday to Egypt with his family from Nanjing, China, the 15-year-old boy scratched “Ding Jinhao was here” on a 3,500-year-old Luxor relic, reports Weibo

Yep. Ding left his mark. What price nominative determinism?

China Daily says Ding’s parents apologised to the world. They say they did not “properly educate their child“. They ask to be they he begiven another chance“.

To do what? Is the boy to be packed off to Greece to see if he can behave better? Will he become Lord Elgin’s heir apparent and return to hack the relief off and smuggle it home to kick start a collection in Beijing?

Or will his re-education take a different curve. We showed Ding’s graffiti to 100 15-year-0ld British boys just back from a trip to Valencia. All agreed that the figure’s left’ arm looks just a like a huge penis. Ding (aka Ding Dong) may care to view our instructional video on how to create a terrific graffiti knob. He can view other students’ efforts here.

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