Anorak News | Goat filmed trying to kill Brazilians! Hurray!

Goat filmed trying to kill Brazilians! Hurray!

by | 3rd, June 2013

goat attack

AS well you know, animals are trying to kill all humans and a video has captured a goat trying to do everyone in who lives in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Local residents were filmed legging it around, being hunted by an irate goat, knocking one lady to the ground in spectacular fashion.

Of course, to make this all amusing, the goat amped up the terror with its jingling bell. Residents can been seen cowering behind cars and trees, with one fella trying to kick lumps out of it.

The goat soon sorts him out.

The goat even charged at a couple driving a moped, provoking the meme-thought of ‘Go home goat, you’re drunk’. At one point, the person filming the debacle is chased.

The goat was eventually restrained and tied to a pole.

Have a look here.

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