Anorak News | Tulisa Contostavlos ‘sold’ drugs with the GLC – police nick MCC, LWT and TfL

Tulisa Contostavlos ‘sold’ drugs with the GLC – police nick MCC, LWT and TfL

by | 3rd, June 2013

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THE Sun is gunning for Tulisa Contostavlos, the former X Factor judge. When she trotted off to Marbella, the Mail was upset by her fake tan but the Sun thundered “Tat’s too awful” as it zoomed on the singer’s bikini-line ink, a legend that declared “Lucky You”. The Sun, a bastion of fine taste, said Tulisa lacked “style and class”. And then the Sun upped the ante, leading with “Tulisa’s cocaine deal shame – X Factor star caught setting up secret sale with drugs pal.”

Having implied that Tulisa was shameless, the Sun appeared to have read her mind and found her limit. Former News of the World Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmoud told readers:

The singer was taped telling undercover Sun reporters at London’s posh Nobu restaurant: “Half my phone book sells it. Of course I can get it for you. Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One’s a massive cocaine dealer. He’s my best friend. He’s a gangster — he’s my gangster.”

Hats off to Mahmood. Keeping a straight face as a pampered pop princess from Hertfordshire brags about her gangsta pals must be a challenge. Having, reportedly, talked about escaping the “Feds” as a child crack deale, Tulisa says:

She said: “We talk in lingo. Like we know what. I can’t call him and go, ‘Have you got any?’ I’ll say, ‘Hi, have you got any sweets? And he’ll be like, ‘Um, how many sweets do you want?’ And I’ll say, ‘Oh just a nice bag of sweets.’ And he goes, ‘How big a bag?’ I’ll say maybe like ‘Four sweets’ — and I’m referring to what he knows is what. Like we have a whole lingo.”

It would take no less a mind that Sherlock Holmes to crack that cryptic code.

“He’ll go, ‘What kind of sweets do you want?’ And I’ll go, ‘I want the green sweets,’ or I’ll go — not for me because I don’t do it, but for my mates — I’ll go, ‘I want the white sweets,’ and then he gets it. And it’s all codes.”

If Tulisa ever quits pop she can make her mark in MI5.

After the shocker about a pop star being involved with drugs, allegedly, the Sun then leads with:

We will arrest Tulisa say cops


Officers from the Major Crimes Unit were yesterday examining The Sun’s dossier of evidence on Tulisa’s drug contacts and will arrest her and part-time rapper GLC “within days”, a source said.

Yeah, GLC, presumable friendly with other London gangsta rappers MCC, TfL and LWT.

In other news, the public has no interest in Tulisa the”chav” (Sun), a fact illustrated by its continued front-page coverage…

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