Anorak News | Fight breaks out at amputee football match

Fight breaks out at amputee football match

by | 4th, June 2013

WHEN the national amputee teams of Holland and Belgium played their first match at Westerlo in the Belgian province of Antwerp on Saturday there was a fight. All 20 outfield players had just the one leg. The two goalkeepers had one arm each.  With the scores locked at 3-3, a Belgium tyro pulled his Dutch opponent over by tugging at his one leg. Then the bipeds invaded the pitch.

Interestingly, no bipeds fight the amputees. Hooligans have standards, you see. They don’t kick the shit out of the old, the infirm, the very small goalkeeper.  Looking on, we recall the words of an East Europan hooligan captured on Sky’s hidden camera, “We don’t drink or smoke. We are sportsmen.”

Highlights to look out for:

50 seconds: Dutch Number 10 does an impression of Dennis Wise.

1min 2 s – The two-legged hooligan.

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