Anorak News | Dog poo postage scheme wins ad agency award

Dog poo postage scheme wins ad agency award

by | 6th, June 2013

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ONLY once have I received a turd in the post. It was from a man who didn’t like the insurance company mail shot he’d been sent. My job for the summer was to open the replies. Other replies were threatening and deranged. But the large turd sticks in the mind.

Burgers on the council of Brunete, Spain, agree that a turd in the post is rarely wanted. They’ve been posting dog poos back to the dog’s owners in boxes marked ‘Lost Property’.

A team of 20 volunteers are on the look out for irresponsible dog owners. They approach the dog and ask the owner what its name is. Then it’s back to HQ to check the beats with the pet database.  With the name and the adress, the scooped poor is sent back to the owner as a little package by courier.

The campaign was dreamt up by the McCann ad agency. It won the “Sol de Plata” award at last weekend’s Ibero-American Advertising Festival.

The result of the purge on poo was not only a win for the Mad(rid) Men but the 147 “express poop” deliveries led to a 70 per cent drop in the amount of dog mess found on the town’s streets.

But it couldn’t happen in the UK. The dog licence was abolished in 1987. There is no database for pet owners. And then there are health an safety issues in volunteers climbing trees to retrieve the carrier-bag wrapped fruits hanging from them.

If you do see a dog owner walking away from their pet’s poo, what do you do? If you’re unlucky, you’ll step in it. If you’;e feeling brave, you can pick it up, strike up a conversation about the owner’s wonderful pet and then drop it into their shopping bags, furled brolly or hat.

What do you do?




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