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Moonwalking pony in paternity battle

by | 12th, June 2013


REMEMBER that terrible commercial with the moonwalking pony, where a team of marketing ‘creatives’ got together and tried to make something that looked like an internet meme? They melded hipster approved music (Fleetwood Mac) with ironic dancemoves (moonwalking) with a cutesy animal (a tiny horse) and put it all together in a bid to get down with the yoof.

Well, regardless of whether you were the kind of sap who liked it or not, there’s trouble with the star of the show.

The Shetland pony who became famous in the ad has found himself embroiled in a paternity battle. Naturally, the Tories are now worried that this horse, now it is part of a broken family, will end up turning to crime, drugs or, worse still, claiming benefits.

The animal in question, Socks, let the fame go to his tiny little head and seduced a mare he wasn’t supposed to be humping.

Socks swam across a loch to get to her and apparently had his wicked way.

And lo, Scamp was born, with the owners of the famous pony agreeing to a DNA test to see if he fathered the black colt. Surely they could just put some Fleetwood Mac on and see which dance routine it does?

‘He most definitely has a real eye for the ladies,’ said Socks’s owner Mari Williamson. ‘He doesn’t need any encouragement.’

Dirty boy.

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