Anorak News | Britain’s Got Talent: Cowell egger Natalie Holt could be as big as Nikitta Angus

Britain’s Got Talent: Cowell egger Natalie Holt could be as big as Nikitta Angus

by | 10th, June 2013

'Britain's Got Talent' Final TV Programme, London, Britain.  - 08 Jun 2013

“EGGSTEMIST” Natalie Holt enlivened Richard and Adam’s crooning on the Britain’s Got Talent live finale by chucking eggs at Simon Cowell. Britain’s Got Talent Holt says she did it because she was upset at being asked to pretend to play the violin on stage. She says it was a “stand against people miming on television and against Simon Cowell and  against his influence on the music industry.”

Natalie is 30. In the clip below she’s grinning as she chucks the eggs. It’s almost  as if – as if – it was a stunt. If it wasn’t, why didn’t Natalie do something less telegenic, like stick her fingers down her throat and throw up or read aloud a letter full of Cowell’s limp put downs for the losers he once would have wilfully signed (see his work with Roland Rat, Chaos, Girl Thing, and Robson and Jerome) and asked him why none of the eligible bachelor’s lovers kiss ‘n’ tell. Who needs a super-in junction when you’re pernickety Simon Cowell?

Holt went with raw eggs. Cowell should have caught them unbroken before the cameras pan around to see the crowd agog at this talent. Or else fellow judge David Walliams might have lept across the bench uttering an action film hero’s “Noooooooooooooo!” as he took a pelting in the face for the leader.

As it was, Cowell said he just removed his jacket, which had a spot of egg on it. Holt apologised. And the Sun invited someone called Storm Lee to tell us:

“A lot of people would like to egg Simon. His influence is such that  if you are not liked by him as a musician you are out of luck.”

If he likes you, you get to be big as Cheeky Monkeys, Janey Cutler, Kieran Gaffney, Kieran Gaffney, Only Boys Aloud, Ronan Parke, Connie Talbot, Nikitta Angus, Austin Drage…



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