Anorak News | Woman humped to death by tea-total pet camel

Woman humped to death by tea-total pet camel

by | 10th, June 2013

camel humps woman to death

THIS tabloid news story comes with a readymade pun. The Australian newspaper tells the 2007 story of the 60-year-old woman humped to death by her 10-month-old pet camel.

The big pet knocked Pam Weaver to the floor. It then apparently “tried to mate with her”.

The camel, a 60th birthday gift from her husband Noel, had been wandering freely in the back garden. Mrs Weaver was making dinner. The report notes: “There was a cup of tea on the table.” What does that signify? Had she made it for the camel? Is the camel teatotal?

We then learn that the camel had previously tried to shag the pet goat.

Maybe the expert who offeres “camel rides” can make sense of it? Or maybe he just delivers another pun?

The upshot is that woman died. But, still… Puns.

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