Anorak News | Richard Blackwood’s talented anus is a meme in 18 pictures

Richard Blackwood’s talented anus is a meme in 18 pictures

by | 11th, June 2013

richardblackwood bumWHAT would you do to get on the magic box? Richard Blackwood is carving out a niche. The Sun profiles the life of Richard Blackwood:

RICHARD BLACKWOOD is getting something shoved up his bum on the telly AGAIN. The star has agreed to be rectally examined live on This Morning today. Bosses have roped in the comic, once dubbed Britain’s answer to Eddie Murphy, in an effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer. It is the second time Richard has had something inserted into his backside for TV. He had a coffee enema for Channel 5’s Celebrity Detox Camp ten years ago.

Other talented arseholes working in showbiz must be green with envy.

PS – If the 1970s were a different world as far as the attitude to sex was concerned, the current age will be remembered as the one where what once went on in the privacy of star’s BBC studios is now a public service announcement.

And then it happened. In looking for a picture of Blackwood to illustrate the story of his talented bum hole, we realised that the man is a frustrated proctologist. The man’s fingers and thumbs are primed and ready. His anus might be a meme:



PA-1806147  PA-1233301 PA-1241913 PA-1254153 PA-1291198 PA-1336106 PA-1332295

R'n'B artist Jamelia, who won the MTV Best Video award with MTV presenter Richard Blackwood at the 5th MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards, at the Alexandra Palace in London.

PA-1360197 PA-1399889 PA-1792221 PA-1743674 PA-1749018 PA-1656146 PA-1778936 PA-3498866


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