Anorak News | Kanye West: hopelessly self-important rapper mocks Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson’s

Kanye West: hopelessly self-important rapper mocks Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson’s

by | 19th, June 2013

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KANYE West, the hopelessly self-important rapper, says on his new album, Yeezus “get this bitch shaking like Parkinson’s”.

Steve Ford, Chief Executive at Parkinson’s UK, is upset:

“Kanye West has shown an inexcusable level of stupidity and cruelty towards people living with an incurable condition. Life with Parkinson’s is difficult enough without becoming fodder for insensitive celebrities who should know better, looking for their next big hit.

“People with Parkinson’s have to cope with intolerable social discrimination on a daily basis – often to the point where they are afraid to go out in public – and this sort of thoughtless, callous comment can only serve to make things even worse for them.”

Don’t panic, Mr Ford. On the same album, West conflates Asian women’s vaginas with “sweet and sour sauce” . Taking the piss out of Muhammad Ali’s illness is nothing when you know that sweet and sour pork balls have been linked to cancer (source: M. Douglas).

In other news, West and his innamorata – the poof-buttocked reality TV powerhouse Kim Kardashian – have just named their child…Kaidance Donda West. West’s kid weighed five pounds. Let me tell you something, Kanye, my babies all weighed more than that.

Upset at being outdone by bigger babies, Kanye West plans to take his family to live in rural Utah for 40 years.


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