Anorak News | Woolwich murder: MI6 spoke with Michael Adebolajo’s brother Jeremiah 11 times

Woolwich murder: MI6 spoke with Michael Adebolajo’s brother Jeremiah 11 times

by | 19th, June 2013

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WITH his brother Michael Adebolajo accued of murdering Lee Rigby in Woolwich, the suspect’s younger brother Jeremiah, 26, claims MI6 spoke with him 11 times.

How do you know it’s MI6? We’re not told.

The younger Adebolajo tells the Times that when he working in Saudi Arabia, MI6 sought him out. He says that in 2012 MI5 spoke to him when he arrived at Heathrow Airport.

The MI6 men showed Jeremiah a few pictures:

“One picture of a guy, I didn’t know who he was, another picture was vaguely familiar at the time but I couldn’t remember who he was, and they also showed me a picture of my brother-in-law, married to my younger sister.”

That man was James Thompson.

What about the spooks?

“They were always looking for my knowledge and dealings with the two main individuals they had shown me. They asked me biographical stuff, what kind of mosques did I go to, do I pray, that sort of thing. Like they were trying to build a profile of me… They were never openly aggressive, but they were always implicitly threatening. There was never the understanding that if I wanted, I could stand up and say, that’s enough. There was always the understanding that I have to cooperate or I would lose my job and I don’t know what else.”

Back in May, ITV reported:

Michael Adebolajo’s brother-in-law James Thompson spoke to ITV News about repeated attempts by MI5 to recruit Adebolajo as an informant, and repeated contact they had with other family members seeking information about him.

Mr Thompson claims that MI5 contacted him Michael and Michale’s other brother:

Me and my other brother-in-law were obviously pestered and then there was obviously Michael who was pestered more than us. The interesting thing is that they would ask us about him rather than ourselves so we could see they had a keen interest in him even though we couldn’t put the pieces together because he was just a family man, he had kids and he worked, he didn’t do anything that we considered extreme.

Such are the facts…

Photo: Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Michael Adebolajo in the dock as he appears at Westminster Magistrates Court, where he is accused of murdering soldier Drummer Lee Rigby and of the attempted murder of two police officers and possession of a firearm, a 9.4mm KNIL model 91 revolver, with intent to cause others to believe that violence would be used.


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