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The Guardian aims to be all things to all idiots

by | 22nd, June 2013

THE Guardian loses lots of money. It opened a coffee shop to much mocking laughter. It lost a small fortune on an open day. It has an interesting attitude to tax. So. Can the paper that celebrated the death of the profitable News of the World survive? Grey Cardigan writes on The Spin Alley:

I really don’t like the Guardian, or the sinister organisation that runs it. Not content with wrecking the entire publishing industry by giving away all their content for free – easy to do when you’re protected from dirty words like profit – they’re now just taking the piss by playing with Lego, opening a coffee shop and running courses for people who want to be food bloggers. Of course, that’s just what the world needs – more fucking food bloggers. Though if you’re daft enough to give the Guardian £400 just to learn how to take pictures of your dinner, you probably sincerely believe that the world is waiting with bated breath for your clichéd culinary crap-spittle.”

Do any of you buy the Guardian? Why do you?

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