Anorak News | David Cameron hugs The Man With the 10 Stone Testicles

David Cameron hugs The Man With the 10 Stone Testicles

by | 25th, June 2013

hug a hoodie

COMPARE and contrast these hooded testicles:

David Cameron’s speech to the Centre for Social Justice in 2006:

“…I want to say something about what is, for some, a vivid symbol of what has gone wrong with young people in Britain today: hoodies. In May last year, hoodies became political. The Bluewater shopping centre banned them, and the Prime Minister said he backed the ban.

“But, for young people, hoodies are often more defensive than offensive… They’re a way to stay invisible in the street. In a dangerous environment the best thing to do is keep your head down, blend in, don’t stand out. If the police stand for sanctions and penalties, you stand for love. And not a soppy love! I don’t see anyone soppy here. But it is about relationships. It is about emotional security. It is about love.”

Wesley Warren Junior, Channel 4’s Man With the 10 Stone Testicles in 2013:

Wesley, from Las Vegas, US, has to wear a hoodie – placing his legs in the arms and using the hood to support the growth.

Hug away.

PS – Mr Warren Junior’s had surgery to remove his growth.

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