Anorak News | It’s the schools to blame for the property crash, not the banks

It’s the schools to blame for the property crash, not the banks

by | 26th, June 2013

THIS looks like an interesting piece of propaganda from our neo-capitalist overlords in the banking system. The property crash wasn’t actually their fault at all, oh no sirree. Actually, it was the state school system:

People with poor maths skills are more likely to be behind with their mortgage payments and have their home repossessed, according to a study.

It shows the risk of defaulting on a mortgage is directly linked to a home owner’s maths skills and could explain the mortgage defaults in the recent global crisis.

And, when you think about it, there might even be some truth in it. The teachers’ unions get the littl’ darlins’ for 11 years of their lives on a compulsory basis. At the end of which not all of them can actually count let alone read. And then they’re set free off into the world where they do silly things like take out mortgages.

Nothing to do with interest rates, credit standards or the way in which neoliberalism rips off the working man. Just the teachers failing to do their job.

At which point perhaps we should all return to reality and properly think through what caused the crash. Because God Alone knows what we do if this theory is correct.

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