Anorak News | Reporter drops double F bomb, which is nice

Reporter drops double F bomb, which is nice

by | 28th, June 2013

NEWS reporters dread the phrase “Kent countryside” for fear of getting their tongue tied. Sometimes, reporters just turn the air blue because their brains switch off.

And so to the Fox staffer who went potty mouthed over some strawberries.

And Lindsay Nadrich knows exactly who to blame – her editor. That’s right! Even though she was the one to use the industrial language, the segment was actually pre-recorded and stuck on-air with the swearing left in.

Of course, this left the studio anchor with a peach of a look on her face.

“We were able to pick some of the strawberries today despite this rain,” Ms Nadrich says, adding: “I do have to tell you, it’s worth the drive and worth fighting this rain condition.”

Then, with a flourish, she chirruped: “F*** me, I can’t even f****** talk!”

Over on Twitter, Nadrich thanked former anchor Keith Olbermann after he said the error was the editor’s fault, not the reporter’s.

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