Anorak News | Man sells coffin. One problem – it has a skeleton in it

Man sells coffin. One problem – it has a skeleton in it

by | 3rd, July 2013

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SELLING a coffin is problematic at the best of times. Imagine your glee when someone finally takes you up on the offer, but you’re a dumbass and crucially, you forget to take the skeleton out of it.

Dave Burgstrum, from Iowa, put the creepy item on Craigslist for $12,000 in a bid to raise money for property tax money for the Order of Odd Fellows (more on those guys, here).

Police were alerted to the advertisement and seized the coffin and body, deeming the sale illegal.

The Order of Odd Fellows member had an excuse though. He said that a local historian told him the skeleton was donated to the organisation by a doctor in the 1880s.

The weirdest ‘my dog ate it’ in history, possibly.

Either way, the coffin itself was from the 1900s, but Burgstrum doesn’t know how the rattling bones found themselves inside. Presumably, someone died in there.

He said:

“They were just there as long as anyone could remember.”

The bones were promptly sent to the State Medical Examiner’s Laboratory to be looked at by clever buggers with science brains, but they reckon identification is highly unlikely.

Burgstrum said that he was happy for the lab to keep the bones as he’s only interested in selling the coffin itself, completely oblivious to how dodgy he looks.

“I’m ready to wheel and deal on it,” he added. “I’d like to get those taxes paid.”

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