Anorak News | House of Lords proving good value with new £100k toilets

House of Lords proving good value with new £100k toilets

by | 2nd, July 2013

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WHAT do you think of the House of Lords and peers in general? Pointless aren’t they? Old gits with hairy noses all going on like they have even they vaguest idea what’s going on in the modern world and costing us money while they’re at it.

Well, two toilets used by peers and VIP guests in the House of Lords are to be refurbished and it’ll be costing around £100,000.

The House of Commons authorities claim that the current facilities are in an “unacceptable condition for the high-profile area they are in”.

They could, alternatively, dig a huge hole and throw the lot of ’em in.

Either way, this work must comply with English Heritage requirements and will include replacing “historic oak panelling” and installing new decorations and equipment.

‘Equipment’? Perhaps Lords and Ladies need a steam-powered device to help remove the compacted clay-like substance from their orifices thanks to their ludicrously rich diets?

Taxpayers’ Alliance chief executive Matthew Sinclair told Sky News: “A family could afford to build themselves a home for this much cash. The parliamentary authorities need to ensure refurbishments to the estate provide value for taxpayers’ money.”

A House of Lords spokesman insisted that the project will provide “value for money for the taxpayer”.

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