Anorak News | Don’t panic: an extra minute in the shower will wash away that horrible Puritan spirit

Don’t panic: an extra minute in the shower will wash away that horrible Puritan spirit

by | 4th, July 2013

Leicester Tigers' players give teammate Perry Freshwater a champagne shower

HAVE we been taken over by some alien race of puritans or something? They’re telling us today that having a long shower is a “waste”. One that we should righteously avoid:

An average shower lasts seven-and-a-half minutes, yet cutting just a minute off that time would save British households £215 million on energy bills each year, the report said.

What? What damn business is it of anyone at all how long any individual one of us spends in the shower? We go to work, we earn our money and then we get to spend it on whatever we feel like. If 7.5 minutes instead of 6 singin’ in the suds of what gets us going then fine, that’s what gets us going and everyone else can sod off.

They seem to have forgotten the basic economic point at play here. What matters to us is not whether we have a job or not: it’s not even what we get paid by that job. It’s what opportunities do we have to consume? That’s the whole point of the entire game: how much do we get to do, who gets to decide what we can do and what can we do? And is the Plain People Of Britain want to have hot showers lsightly longer than some prodnose thinks they ought to then it’s the prodnose that can bugger off, not the Plain People of Britain.

Oh, and here’s an interesting point. Apparently we pay £58 million a year out of our taxes to fund these buggers at the Energy Saving Trust. It might be a sensible idea to stop spending that money there and leave people to have those hot showers: that appears to be what they want, anyway.

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