Anorak News | All hail the Wife Carrying Championships!

All hail the Wife Carrying Championships!

by | 9th, July 2013

wife carrying

IN Finland, they’ve clearly got the same bizarre approach to boredom that us Brits have. While we nearly kill ourselves chasing cheese down a hill or trying to throw boots over viaducts, the people of Sonkajärvi partake in the annual Wife Carrying Championships, which we just happen to have the highlights of.

Last weekend, hundreds of people entered the with each competitor tackling a track that is 253.5 metres in length, with their wives strewn across their shoulders, her legs wrapped around the neck for support.

Naturally, the quickest couple wins, with the track having two dry obstacles and one in water.

Rules at the event dictate that the wife must weigh at last 49 kilos or she will be issued a backpack to bring her up to weight. If the wife is dropped, the contestant has to pick her up and continue carrying her.

Have a look here and decide how sexist it might be another time.

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