Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Daily Express juxtaposes Our Maddie next to a family holiday competition

Madeleine McCann: Daily Express juxtaposes Our Maddie next to a family holiday competition

by | 12th, July 2013


MADELEINE McCann is on the cover of the Daily Express. There is news. Maybe. The front-page headline announces:


As ever there is no news. This is media management. The media continues to feature the missing child. Her parents continue their policy of keeping their daughter’s name in the public eye.

* By the way, who at the Express thought it a good idea to position the child who went missing on a family summer holiday overseas alongside a chance to win a family holiday overseas?  Not good.

Anyhow, this latest news follows the Express‘ story on July 8th:

Yard face a network of evil: Maddie police ‘seeking people smuggling ring’

A FORMER top Scotland Yard detective last night suggested the new investigation into the Madeleine McCann mystery is focused on a network of suspects involved in people-trafficking.

More media management. This time from ex-Job looking for some exposure:

Crime author and undercover operations expert Peter Bleksley, 53, says the fact that the Maddie squad has 38 potential suspects in the frame suggests they are closing in on an evil gang.

No sh*t, Sherlock.

But let’s just suppose that they are all suspects and in on a vast conspiracy:

“I don’t think we are looking at 38 people who are all unconnected to each other. Judging by the high number of people on their list of persons of interest, the detectives have a herculean task ahead of them,” Mr Bleksley told the Sunday Express.

Got that? Some of the people on the Yard’s list of people of interest might know each other.

He adds:

“In a child abduction case of this nature it is highly unusual to have so many potential suspects.

“It suggests to me that the police are trying to work out who the main players are, and who are on the fringes of a possible people-trafficking gang. The detectives sound very bullish. Undoubtedly they are on to something major otherwise they would be setting themselves up for a big fall.”

The BBC reported:

The Met said the 38 “persons of interest,” who include 12 British nationals, are from five European countries – Portugal, the UK and three unnamed others.

Detectives say they need to find out more information and collect evidence on them and are not anticipating any immediate arrests.

How is that setting themselves up for a big fall? It sounds like an update on a high-profile case. It’s a few facts that hopefully will lead to a resolution.

Back to Bleksley, who has facts that pretty much anyone who has ever watched an episode of Crimewatch or CSI, or read a newspaper would know:

“They will have to pursue their leads with the utmost care, working with the foreign police forces. If they get one thing wrong on the paperwork it could seriously damage the investigation. In the 21st century, abductions and murders are often solved through CCTV images, forensics, and phone and computer records, but in this case we know there is no CCTV of the abduction taking place and the forensics may have been forever compromised because the crime scene was not properly preserved.

“The detectives will have to change their approach to the way we used to operate 20 years ago when you solved cases with witnesses and confessions.”

To say nothing of finger-prints and DNA, which he doesn’t.

To recap: there are no named suspects. The parents are not suspects in any alleged crime. No-one has been charged with any crime. All we know is that a child vanished. The police have not yet to establish what crime, if any, befell her. Her abduction is a theory.

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