Anorak News | Fox News reporter throws basketball in toddler’s face

Fox News reporter throws basketball in toddler’s face

by | 12th, July 2013

Titus Ashby

FOX News reporters are all dreadful and are probably secret Illuminati lizards or something, so it should come as no surprise that one such anchor made an infant cry, live on TV.

The child in question is called ‘Trick Shot’ Titus Ashby who has deadly accuracy in the paint, lobbing free-throws in for fun. He’s two years old.

He’s been hitting the hoop since he was 15 months young, so it is no surprise that he’s making TV appearances.

However, Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade forgot that children are slow and have little arms. He yelped: “Oh my look at him go! A round of applause for the super star, you can’t teach that!”

Then threw a basketball in his face, making the baby cry like Gazza.

You can watch the video below. And, for the record, Titus made a sufficient recovery to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, where he thrashed NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal in a shoot-out. Then again, an ostrich could beat Shaq in a free-throw competition, so that’s not saying much.

Have a look.

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