Anorak News | Transfer balls: Manchester United give Wayne Rooney a grade one cut

Transfer balls: Manchester United give Wayne Rooney a grade one cut

by | 13th, July 2013

TRANSFER Balls:  More news on Wayne Rooney’s departure from Manchester United. Oh, come on, United fans, you don’t need a player who isn’t all that interested in playing for the club. United should get top dollar and show him the door.

The Mail leads with “Jose ups stakes in Rooney chase”.

The Mirror leads with “Roo is not for sale”.

The Star’s big news is that Jose Mourinho thinks Wayne Rooney is a good player. Well, if Jose says so, he must be.  This leads to the puntastic headline “I want Roo“. Says the Chelsea manager:

“It’s a funny, tricky question from an ethical point of view as I can’t talk about players from other teams. But it is not my character to speak with hypocrisy, I always tell what I see. He’s a player that I like very much. Being fast and direct I like him very much, but he’s a Manchester United player.”

Manchester United manager David Moyes says he and Rooney get on well and have met “two, three, four times already”.

Not five? Six? The Sun helps Moyes out:

‘DAVID MOYES has held FOUR meetings with Wayne Rooney to convince the unsettled star to stay at Manchester United.”

Moyes then tells one and all:

 “Unless I was speaking double Dutch last week, we said Wayne Rooney is not for sale.”


“People are entitled to talk about good players. I’m getting asked plenty of questions about Wayne.  José has been asked about players as well. It’s hard to keep repeating myself but I will – Wayne is a Manchester United player and it will remain that way. I think José said, in his comments, that he doesn’t normally talk about other players. But it does happen.”

Anyhow, we know Rooney’s out for a month, right? The Press told us that. Here’s Moyes again:

“It’s a blow that we’ve lost him because he’s been training well and looking very good. But unfortunately he just felt something in his hamstring.

“We did a check and found a slight grade one injury there, which will probably keep him out for about two to three weeks. So I don’t foresee any problem with Wayne starting the season and being fit for then.

A grade one injury is:

A mild injury in which ligament, tendon or other musculoskeletal tissue may have been stretch or contused, but not torn

And for that Rooney went all the way home and missed United’s pre-season tour.

Moyes continues:

“He didn’t train the last little bit [in Manchester]. He just felt his hamstring tighten, so we pulled him out and didn’t think anything of it. It was only when we got here we knew we weren’t going to train him yesterday, and we thought, as a precaution, we would check it out.

He was injured. So you flew him to Thailand. Then you flew him home again. As a precaution.

“When we went to check it we saw a small grade one [tear]. We could maybe have taken him on to all the other places, but he couldn’t have played the games. So for the benefit of the player the best thing to do was to get him home straight away and quickly into his rehabilitation. We didn’t expect it. But what would be the point in taking any risks? There’s no point in taking any risks.”

No. No point at all in having the player bond with the squad on tour. Best for him to go home…alone.

To which pretty much every fans asks what Eurosport writes:

 Is Wayne Rooney really injured?

Answers in double Dutch to the usual address…

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