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We have a new Jesus and he’s Australian

by | 16th, July 2013

Alan John Miller

RELIGION isn’t too good at providing answers, but has excellent architecture. Alas, it also attracts a fair few people who are mental, making them a laughing stock.

And so, to Alan John Miller who claims he’s Jesus Christ, and he announced himself to everyone in Britain by getting all holy on ITV ‘s This Morning.

To make matters even more divine, he appeared alongside a woman who says she’s Mary Magdalene as well, which is handy.

Miller made the claim while being interviewed by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, who had to process the idea that they were sat before God himself and that his partner – Mary Luck – was in fact present when he was crucified.

Of course, Eamonn Holmes was very sensitive about it all and asked Jesus to perform a miracle. He said no. The last person to ask Jesus to miracle one off all over himself was the Devil, which makes Holmes the anti-christ. Sounds about right (and he’s a Manchester United fan, also known as The Red Devils).

Miller heads up a religious movement called the Divine Truth and you can watch him in action below.

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