Anorak News | Vegetables of Walmart: Fukushima radiation creates ‘mutant’ fruit and veg?

Vegetables of Walmart: Fukushima radiation creates ‘mutant’ fruit and veg?

by | 19th, July 2013


HAVE your vegetables been nucleated by fall-out from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster? We feared the nuclear rabbit. America, Oxford and Glasgow were smothered by a “nuclear plume“. Australia was washed by nuclear rain. Journalists appealed to readers to help end Armageddon. Tens of thousands ‘died‘. And then they only went and banned bananas. And now mutant vegetables are coming for us.

ABC reports:

Deformed Vegetables, Fruit Reportedly Pop Up Around Japan Nuclear Plant

Images of the bizarrely deformed flora – which range from tomatoes with tumor-like growths to monstrous cabbage and conjoined peaches – turned up on the website Imgur this week, with the title, “Effects from the Fukushima radiation disaster?”

Eat your heart out scientists. Imgur has the scoop. The ABC’s Kevin Dolak is live! by a keyboard:

It was unclear exactly where the images came from, but the title of the image set suggested that the deformed fruits and veggies were a result of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown

Unclear? As in mysterious? Or as in, ‘I can’t be bothered to check if the title to a story on a user-generated LOLs website is correct’? ABC was not alone. MSN reported:

2 years after nuclear disaster, Japan spawns freaky veggies

It might be wise to steer clear of vegetables from Japan’s Fukushima area for, oh, say a few hundred years. 

But it was all nonsense. It was a collection of funny photos given a catchy headline. The post should have been titles Vegetables of Walmart.

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