Anorak News | Bad loser shows slot machines what he thinks with an axe

Bad loser shows slot machines what he thinks with an axe

by | 26th, July 2013

Nure Bregu

YOU think you’re a bad loser? Think you’re ratty in the heatwave? You’ve got nothing on the man who decided to go nutso with an axe on a load of slot machines after he apparently lost 5,000 euros.

CCTV footage showed Nure Bregu walking into a bar in Fontaniva, Italy, complete with an axe, going postal on the machines before as customers legged it in terror.

Bregu then strolled away like nothing had happened and waited outside for the police to arrive and detain him.

The owner of the establishment said: “It’s going to cost me to replace them and I will be losing customers as when people came in they would always order something from the bar.”

Bregu was found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon and criminal damage and received a six-month jail sentence.

Alas, thanks to over-crowding in Italian prisons he was excused from serving his time, which is almost hilarious. Sylvio Berlusconi must be taking notes.

Watch Bregu going mental below.

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