Anorak News | Transfer Balls: Liverpool invite Arsenal to come and get Luis Suarez

Transfer Balls: Liverpool invite Arsenal to come and get Luis Suarez

by | 19th, July 2013

TRANSFER Balls: A few days in the life of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez:

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says Suarez will only join Arsenal, Chelsea or Real Madrid this summer if something drastic happens”.

The Express says “drastic” might be Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata heading to Liverpool as part of a Suarez-swap deal.

The Hartlepool Mail says “drastic” might be as bid of £55m, the ridiculous sum Rogers says Suarez is worth:

“It was an offer for what they (Arsenal) considered his value and worth. Obviously for a player of his quality, when you consider that Cavani has gone for £55million you know… Luis is up there in that bracket of top talent. Obviously it was an offer we didn’t deem worthy of the talent and even if they came back with that kind of amount (£55million) there’s no guarantee he would be sold even for that because we are trying to build something here.”


And if Andy Carroll was worth £35m to Liverpool, was Cavani’s move to PSG a steal? Is Daniel Sturridge (bought for £12m) only a quarter as good as Cavani and Suarez? Is Kolo Touré, who signed on a free from Manchester City, 55 million times worse at football than Suarez?

Or are PSG owned by desperate, vain gazillionaires who have no concept of value? Brendan..?

The Arsenal offer is a big jump on their opening gambit of £19,000 and a pair of tickets for One Direction. But £55m… Is Rodgers Suarez’s agent or his manager? One thing’s for sure: he’s no negotiator.

The Sun sums it up well:

ARSENE WENGER last night finally agreed to make a £40million offer for Luis Suarez — only to be told Liverpool now want £55m.

The Mail reports that “the Gunners have been told Suarez is willing to join them this summer”.

And this site says:

Luis Suarez’s agent has told Arsenal a £40million bid will be enough to secure his signature.

Back to Rodgers, who says Suarez owes Liverpool:

“It’s not about me or the club, I think it’s the supporters and his team-mates [he owes something to] for what they gave him. They have stood by him through thick and thin, and through all the traumas he has gone through over the last couple of seasons.If there is anyone he owes it’s [the Liverpool fans] and his team-mates, who have fought beside him.”

Fans back best player, read all about it.

Oh, and the Independent says the Reds value Suarez at £40m…

More talking balls every day…

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