Anorak News | Seagull raids Brighton kitchen as pal steals woman’s false teeth

Seagull raids Brighton kitchen as pal steals woman’s false teeth

by | 25th, July 2013

SEAGULL Watch: A look at seagulls making the news this summer:
Seagull One: Stevie
To Hove, East Sussex, where  Conlett White wanted to film housemate Richard Hammond eating a his prepared meal of including meat, salad and chips laced with loadsa black pepper. Mr White, 30, wanted to film the moment when Mr Hammond coughed. This in itself is worthy of further investigation. Was it a joke? Was it a punishment? Is black pepper a rare treat in that household? Is black pepper code for arsenic?
Anyhow, Mr Hammond never did get to eat his surprise. A seagull flew in and devoured it. The seagull is not Mr hammond. It is Stevie:

Mr Hammond, 30, said:

“Stevie seems to really love it. He is just munching away. Conlett cooked me some dinner for a change – but, thinking he was funny, put a load of pepper in it and left a camera hidden away to catch my reaction. But what he ended up with was not quite what he was expecting.“We now can’t even have our windows open in this hot weather without Stevie coming in and munching all the food. I have lived here for five years – five summers – but this year they [seagulls] seem to be a lot more daringI’m thinking of getting a pretend eagle to put out on the windowsill to keep them away.” 

Seagull Two: Gums
To Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, where a seagull has stolen 92-year-old Renee A’Bear teeth from the Eridge House Residential Home.
Renee A’Bar (and what a great name) was drinking coffee in the garden, when a seagull swooped  and stole her false teeth from a table beside her.
Says home manager Mrs Linda Stevens:

“Poor Renee came in crying her eyes out and absolutely distraught at having lost her teeth. Luckily her carers, Melanie Marchant and Gill Roy, found a ladder and while Gill steadied it, Mel climbed up to retrieve the stolen dentures. All of us, including Renee, have since seen the funny side, but I think she’s going to be a bit more circumspect in future as to which birds she favours with tit-bits from her table.”

She feeds dentures to blue tits?

Photo: A white dove that was freed by Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the Angelus prayer is chased by a seagull, left, in St. Peter’s square, at the Vatican, Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013. 

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