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The best British Jaegers – the Pacific Rim challenge

by | 26th, July 2013

WHAT if Pacific Rim was set in Britain? Yeah. Pacific Rim? As if. First off, no-one would have been able to stop sniggering. And second, well, the sniggering right. But let’s imagine. In the film the characters are called Jaegers. (Yeah. Like the middle-class, provincial fashion outlets). Almost all these Jaegers have two two-noun names created in a Tokyo language school randomiser: Brawler Yukon; Coyote Tango, Solar Prophet and the excellent Gipsy Danger.

Warner Bros’ build-your-own-Jaeger toy lets you create your own:

british jaeger irn

british jaeger summer

jaeger 2


british jaeger 2

jaeger 1


jaeger 5

jaeger 4

jaeger 3


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