Anorak News | Indian Army thinks planets Venus and Jupiter are Chinese war drones

Indian Army thinks planets Venus and Jupiter are Chinese war drones

by | 27th, July 2013

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THE INDIAN Army believes Jupiter and Venus are not planets; but Chinese drones. The BBC says the Indian Army has keen keeping a close watch on massive drones over its air space.

Tensions are running high on the border known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Indian watchers have recorded 329 sightings of unidentified objects over a lake in the Indian-Chinese border region. Two experts from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, were sent to the scene. They noted that one object only became visible between the hours of 6pm and 5am; the second object hung in the air from 4am to 11am. Both objects seem to move in harmony with the stars.

Tushar Prabhu, a senior astronomer and a member of the IIAP team, says:



“Our task was to determine whether these unidentified objects were celestial or terrestrial.”

Measurements were taken. Numbers were crunched. School text books were consulted. And the Indian Army can now assure the populace that the two ‘drones’ are in actual fact the planets Jupiter and Venus.

This news might come as a relief until you realise that each gigantic machine is being piloted by two Pakistani cricket fans…


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