Anorak News | Theresa May has diabetes – the Mail says that’s ‘shocking’

Theresa May has diabetes – the Mail says that’s ‘shocking’

by | 28th, July 2013

WHAT could be the matter with Home Secretary Theresa May? Whatever it is, it sounds terrible. The Mail on Sunday leads with:


theresa may diabetes

Bad news for her. We wish her well. But is diabetes  all that shocking, and worthy of a front-page splash?

The Mail then makes a career women who works and thrives in a tough world sound weak and wallowing:

My shocking illness: Home Secretary Theresa May reveals she has Type 1 diabetes and needs daily injections… but vows to continue her political career

She is “courageous”.  She will “soldier on”.

Putting a brave face on her condition, workaholic vicar’s daughter Mrs May….said: ‘It doesn’t and will not affect my ability to do my work. I’m a little more careful about what I eat and there’s obviously the injections but this is something millions of people have… I’m OK with needles, fortunately.’

The Mail, however, is terrified of them.

Theresa, we have news: Marijuana could prevent diabetes and control insulin. Go on. Give it a whirl…



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