Anorak News | Kyron Horman: the magical August 1 deadline and what mother puts a price on her son’s head?

Kyron Horman: the magical August 1 deadline and what mother puts a price on her son’s head?

by | 31st, July 2013

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THE Kyron Horman case is ‘heating up’. It’s been 3 years and 2 months since the seven-year-old boy went missing from the Skyline Elementary school in Portland Oregon. The local Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office are still without a single clue as to what happened to him.

No-one has been named as a suspect. What crime, if any, befell the child has not been established. the media has been doing the police dirty work in cranking up pressure on Kyron’s step-mother, Terri Horman. She is now estranged from the boy’s father, Kaine Horman.

Why is the step-mother in the frame? Terri Moulton Horman is the last person known to have seen Kyron before he vanished from Skyline School on June 4 2010. And that’s it.

The Oregonian reports:

Kyron Horman’s mother to drop civil suit in son’s disappearance

Not thrice-married Terri; his natural Mother, thrice-married Desiree Young. Oddly, Young’s husband policeman, one  Tony Young, was not by her side at a news conference on the steps of the Multnomah County Justice Center.

Maxine Bernstein, who has appeared as the police mouthpiece at times, writes:

Desiree Young has withdrawn her civil suit against the stepmother of her missing son Kyron Horman. Young, Kyron Horman’s mother, had filed the lawsuit against Terri Moulton Horman in Multnomah County Circuit Court last June.

The suit accused Terri Horman of kidnapping the boy and demanded that the court compel Horman to return him or reveal where his body is. It sought $10 million in damages, with the option to seek additional punitive damages.

But in November, a judge delayed the lawsuit until Aug. 1, saying it could affect an ongoing criminal investigation.

So. On August 1, something will happen, right?

The lawsuit was an entirely specious, stupid and kak-handed stunt. Why would police open their files to a civil case in an ongoing investigation? Because they are desperate and would be happy for a civil lawyer to do their work? Maybe. But whatever the desire, they can’t: it’s illegal to do so.

But the law hasn’t stopped Young from making accusations:

“We all want to bring Kyron home and hold Terri accountable. I won’t let my civil case get in the way.”

She adds:

“Every day that you are not here safe in my arms is another day of agonizing torture. The deafening silence in the house is too much for me. I miss your sounds, your noises, I miss your smile, and I miss your hugs and your kind heart.”

This site says Kyron “visited with Desiree and Tony every couple of weeks”. 

This site adds:

Kaine Horman had been married once before, to Kyron’s biological mother, who now goes by the name Desiree Young. Washington County Circuit Court records show Young was pregnant with Kyron, the couple’s only child, when she filed for divorce from Kaine in August 2002. She cited irreconcilable differences.

What hasn’t been made public is the fact that, a month after filing for divorce, Young sought a restraining order against Kaine Horman, Kyron’s dad.

At the time, Desiree had a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage. WWeek notes:

When the boy was 2 years old, Desiree suffered kidney failure she says was a result of taking a medication that was not FDA-approved—what medication, she won’t say. She went to Canada for treatment, but again has declined to give specifics. When she returned to Oregon, she tried to regain custody of Kyron and an older son from her first marriage. She was denied by Kaine and the other father, and never fought their decision in court. 

What about Young’s attorney Elden Rosenthal?

Asked if he could have foreseen this a year ago when he filed the civil suit amid the ongoing criminal inquiry, Rosenthal declined comment.

No comment is still a comment.

“In order for my lawyers to move forward with the case at this point, it would be necessary for them to seek access to the police criminal investigation files,” Young said. “My lawyers have advised me that the Oregon Public Records Disclosure Law does not provide the release of ongoing police investigation files.”

And the legal experts just found that out?

“I don’t want anything to compromise the ongoing investigation for Kyron,” Young said. “For these reasons, I have instructed my attorneys to dismiss the civil case.”

Putting a price on the boy’s head is crass and ugly. Blaming someone for a crime you cannot prove seems defamatory.

“It is with great disappointment that I make this difficult decision'” Young said.

Why difficult? It was getting nowhere. It had failed utterly.

But she appealed to Terri Horman: “I cannot tolerate the continued silence.”

It’s not the silence she detests; it’s the lack of any confession. And Terri Horman isn’t talking; she doesn’t have to.

 Young said. “My heart will not be whole again until you are home. I will search the ends of the earth until you are home … I’m not going away.”

But shes hasn’t searched. She has pointed the finger at Terri Horman and waited for that confession. The police have also watched and waited.

What we do know is:

Young was eight months pregnant with Kyron when she filed for divorce from Kaine Horman in August 2002. Kyron was born Sept. 9, 2002, and Kaine and Desiree were officially divorced in 2003. But Kaine and Desiree maintained joint custody of Kyron.

Terri Horman is now living with her parents in Roseburg.

In related developments, a restraining order that Kaine Horman, the boy’s father, had renewed in court last month against Terri Horman for one year will be dismissed as of tomorrow.

In place of the restraining order, a temporary no-contact order will go into effect between Kaine Horman and Terri Horman as their divorce proceeding proceeds. Terri Horman’s lawyers are expected to file a motion for parenting time to allow Terri Horman to see her daughter, now 4 1/2 -year-old Kiara. (More on their police-botched relationship here.)

And the police?

Tuesday afternoon, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office put out a news release, saying the Kyron case remains a “high priority.” Sheriff Dan Staton has met regularly with Kaine Horman concerning the investigation, and remains in close contact with Desiree Young, the release said.

How close?

“While the civil suit was of interest, it did not affect the course of action or goal of the investigation,” the sheriff’s statement said. “We continue to work with our investigative partners and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office as we maintain the case integrity, development of leads and information gathered through the course of the investigation.”

Those partners are the unquestioning local media and civil lawyers.

Katu has news of the case:

Meanwhile, there was a huge breakthrough in the criminal investigation. Horman’s good friend, Dede Spicher — who previously refused to answer questions in court — testified before an investigative grand jury in the past week or two.

“I hope she talks and shares everything she knows,” Young said. “I’m optimistic.”

How is that huge breakthrough? It can only go one of two ways: she either implicates herself and her friend Terri Horman in a crime; or she continues to be innocent? Can we deduce from her not having been arrested that she remains innocent?

Such are the facts…

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