Anorak News | Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman: The baby cover version begins its journey

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman: The baby cover version begins its journey

by | 4th, August 2013

IN encouraging news for David Icke’s pursuit of lizard people: Simon Cowell is to be a father. News is that a Lauren Silverman is carrying his child. The paper are full of news that Cowell has slept with a woman.

Lauren is married to Andrew Silverman, 37. The couple have a seven-year-old son. The papers are in agreement that he is Cowell’s friend. So close are they that the The New York Post says Cowell gets a leading role in Silverman’s divorce papers; the husband claims their marriage fell apart due to Lauren’s adultery.

Can it be that Cowell’s entire life is about cover versions, even his lovers? Whatever else happens, it’s going to be an incredible journey. And get a load of those ratings:

Simon Cowell’s unborn baby was conceived the night of the Britain’s Got Talent final, the Sunday People can reveal.



Meet The Silvermans

The Daily Mail quotes an Andrew Silverman family source, who is already taking sides:

“Andrew’s taking it day by day, he’s pretty calm today.The whole thing is upsetting, but he’s sucked it up and put his feelings aside so he can be with his son – that’s his priority. They both decided to stay in the same house for Adam.”

The Mail then features a paparazzi photos of Mr Silverman at his home:

Looking stressed and tense, he told reporters: ‘This is a very difficult time. Please keep your distance’.

Lauren duly issues a statement:

“I am committed to sorting things out with Andrew as amicably as possible to ensure the well-being of our son. I would hope for some space and privacy in order to work through this.”

So. Here’s  Rosa Davis, who is married to Lauren’s father Steven, to shed light:

“I speak with Lauren every day. She is doing fine but she has a lot to face, a lot of stuff to cope with and her pregnancy too. The main concern for her right now is her son, Adam, and her baby. This baby is not guilty of anything. Babies come into the world and all we can do is receive them with joy. We are a very close family and we always support our kids through the good times and the bad times. You can ask anyone any of our friends.”

That question to you, Simon Cowell.

And then  we hear from Stewart Eisenberg, Lauren’s stepfather in that big happy family. He is now divorced form Lauren’s mother:

“I think he is smitten and overwhelmed by Lauren as she is with him. She was not too happy in her marriage and got swept away. I mean she had the money but you can’t cuddle up to five Gucci bags and a credit card or take them under your arm when you go out to dinner.I don’t think either one intended to plant the seed, but I think they will rise to the occasion and make everything all right.”




What about Simon’s old flames?

The Daily Star tells readers:

A STRING of Cowell’s ex-girlfriends and female supporters – dubbed “Simon’s Angels” by neighbours – paid private visits to his Hollywood Hills mansion on Friday to offer him their shoulders to cry on…

For example:

Former fiancée and TV make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, 38, was first to arrive…

She’s a rock. Or as the HuffPost reports:

Simon Cowell’s ex-fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy is reported to be ‘furious’ after it was alleged the ‘X Factor’ boss is to become a father with his friend’s wife, Lauren Silverman.

The Daily Mail says 80s pop star Sinita “burst into tears” upon hearing the news, and allegedly said, “it should have been me”. She then tweeted is soap opera style:

“Something has just happened … half miracle, half nightmare!” 


What about the money?

The Express says:

Simon Cowell has offered a £63million deal, spread over 21 years, to the married socialite who is expecting their child, sources close to the TV tycoon revealed yesterday.

A senior legal source told the Sunday Express: “Simon isn’t going to dispute that he is the father but the last thing he wants is for his name and reputation to be publicly dragged through the dirt.

“The truth is, he doesn’t yet know whether he will end up marrying Lauren somewhere down the line in years to come but, in the meantime, he wants to ensure he does the right thing for her and their baby as well as resolving this mess.”


The Show

What does talent show judge Kelly Rowland think of it:

“He’s going to be a great dad. He will be a classic father figure.”

To which the Mail shouts:

EXCLUSIVE: Simon Cowell jets off on month-long break to St Tropez with friends to escape furore of married pregnant lover



And Lauren Silverman?

lauren silverman

The NY Daily News says:

Lauren Silverman (left above) was just 16 when she engaged in a red-hot affair with a well-liked English teacher at the exclusive Miami Country Day School, former classmates told The News.
“They were having a two-month sexual affair,” a former classmate said. “Everybody in the upper school knew what was going on. It was a huge deal, especially for a little private school.”
Silverman’s secret dalliance with handsome Steve Lewis, who was also the junior varsity football coach, was said to have included after-hours trysts in his classroom.

The teacher was 26. Now Silverman is 36 – or 37, if you read the Star. Cowell is 53. Make the link:

That lust for older men has gotten Lauren Silverman in trouble again some 20 years later — only this time, it’s far more public.


The Sea-Sickness

And now? A source in the Mirror sets the scene:

Simon’s pal said: “We were docked at St James on his boat. Simon was reading a magazine when Lauren came up and started rubbing his hair, massaging him and whispering something in his ear. Her husband Andrew was just a few inches away, staring in disbelief. I think he thought it was just a little crush. He was probably thinking, ‘I’ll let it go because it’s Simon Cowell’. But I’ve heard they argued a lot in private.

“Lauren is very booby and she’d brush up against Simon all the time. She was there to fetch him Kool menthol cigarettes and Sapporo beer. It was cringe-worthy to watch. But there was massive chemistry. We all knew it was more than flirting but no one wanted to rock the apple cart.

“We knew she stayed up the latest with him so they could slip back to his room. Sinitta was the one who said something. She warned Simon off her, saying she was married with a son. But Simon said he couldn’t help himself. He laughed things off the way he always does. I think he was very flattered by all the attention Lauren paid him.”

Why rock an apple cart when you’re on a boat?


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