Anorak News | Weirdos vote egg mayo as Britain’s best sandwich

Weirdos vote egg mayo as Britain’s best sandwich

by | 4th, September 2013

egg mayoSOME preposterous berks have, according to a survey, voted egg mayonnaise as Britain’s best sandwich, despite the fact that there are millions of better options.

These people are like those sickos who choose ready salted over better crisps.

Conducted by, the poll gave voters a list of ten potential fillings to choose from and were asked to state which they liked best.

Horrifically, egg mayo was selected by 24% of the respondents, with boring cheese sandwiches coming in second and plain ol’ ham polling third.

Outrageously, the mighty crisp sandwich got 2% of the vote. Of course, if you got ALL these fillings to make one sandwich, that would beat down the rest of this dreary list.

Peanut butterĀ came in at tenth place with 1%, which is ridiculous, but slightly understandable as loads of people are really weak wristed and soft about peanut butter (the food of the gods).

“The Brits invented the sandwich, and [it has] become one of the cornerstones of our diet,” said a spokesperson for the promotions website. “Almost everyone will opt for a quick sandwich as something to eat from time to time.”

Here’s the top ten in full:

1. Egg mayonnaise – 24%
2. Cheese – 21%
3. Ham – 17%
4. Chicken – 13%
5. Tuna – 7%
6. Bacon, lettuce, tomato – 7%
7. Prawn mayonnaise – 5%
8. Jam – 3%
9. Crisp – 2%
10. Peanut butter – 1%

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