Anorak News | 50 Cents mocks domestic abuse charges

50 Cents mocks domestic abuse charges

by | 4th, September 2013

SEXISM, bigotry, sexual assaults and other horrible things have been a hot topic over the last week or so, with notable Twitter users going on a 24 hour strike for womankind. The news picked it up, people argued and debated… and all the while, missed the story where 50 Cent was accused of domestic abuse.

Fiddy was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism, but he couldn’t give a toot, mocking the whole thing on Twitter and Instagram.

Here, he showed a photo of him shooting some hoops while he was supposed to be in prison.

fiddy b ball

According to police reports, 50 Cent kicked the mother of his children, and then vandalized her property (apparently, he smashed chandeliers, beat up a TV and a ransacked wardrobe) which, if guilty, sees the rapper going to prison for five years and $46,000 in fines.

After mocking the whole thing, you have to assume that he doesn’t think he’s going to jail. In the meantime, he has to stay away from his ex and not possess any weapons.

Again, mocking the whole thing, with people saying he was getting sent down, 50 Cent IG’ed a picture of himself with the caption “I’m not in prison I’m playing piano”

fiddy piano

So while everyone hung each other out to dry about whether or not it was okay to protest something by walking away from Twitter, 50 Cent may had beaten a woman up, and definitely mocked anyone who might get up in arms about it.


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