Anorak News | Shropshire iPad scam ends pair in cold water

Shropshire iPad scam ends pair in cold water

by | 14th, August 2013

ELAIN Sloane, of Wellington Post Office, Shropshire tells the court:

“When the gentleman came to the counter and said he wanted to do a special delivery I did notice the package had damp patches on it and the front of his jacket had damp patches on it too. I just happened to say to the gentleman is it raining outside and he said yes but it seemed strange to me because I could see from where I was sitting it didn’t look like it was raining. I asked him what was inside and he said iPads. I said how much is it worth but he wanted to make a phone call. I asked him for a return address but he couldn’t remember the postcode.

“We had a little look and you could see all ice in there. We were shocked. He had sent it as iPads and I couldn’t believe it was all this water and the box was disintegrating.”

The parcel was being sent by Nathan Meunch, 29, and Nigel Bennett, 39. It had been insured for £2,500 with the Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service. But no iPads were in the. It contained a bag of ice cubes.

Royal Mail investigators fixed the box and sent it on to its destination. Soon after they received a compensation claim; the valuable contents were missing.

To court, then, where both men received community orders for taking part in the “hair-brained” scheme. And it would have worked had the weather been a bit colder…

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