Anorak News | John Cleese attacks the bad press while talking to the good press

John Cleese attacks the bad press while talking to the good press

by | 4th, September 2013

** FILE ** British comedian John Cleese reacts to "Sebastian" the Carpet Python putting the squeeze on him at Taronga Zoo in Sydney in this Jan. 6, 2006 file photo. A New Zealand city has unofficially renamed the local garbage tip after John Cleese following the British actor's comment during a visit last year that he hated the place. (AP Photo/Paul Miller, FIle)WHILE promoting his new Disney film – to the press – John Cleese decided to go on the attack… about the press.

Speaking to the Guardian in a video interview – which will be published tomorrow – Cleese unleashed his famous grump and sneer, while no doubt furiously folding those gigantic thin arms of his.

Discussing how Twitter and other types of social media had lessened his need to co-operate with newspapers to publicise his work, he suddenly went off on one about the British press.

Fortunately for the Guardian, he wasn’t including them. Or the Independent. Or the Daily Mirror.

Cleese said:

“The rest are the most appalling, depraved, disgusting, amoral creatures you could find anywhere outside of prison,” adding: “And of course many of them are going to be inside a prison soon.”

Of course, he’s referring to that Leveson business which will no doubt see zero hacks getting thrown in prison, but then, Cleese wouldn’t know that if he’s pissing around on Twitter all day.

Naturally, Cleese is by no means a┬ápolitical firebrand, as he’s maintained public support for the Liberal Democrats since switching sides from the Labour party to the SDP back in ’81.

Sadly for the recovering Python, no-one in power is particularly interested in what he says and would much rather see him walk around with those hilariously gangly legs of his.

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