Anorak News | Transfer balls: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez desperate to be part of the Arsenal apology

Transfer balls: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez desperate to be part of the Arsenal apology

by | 17th, August 2013

**Alternative Crop** Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger looks dejected on the touchline

IS Luis Suarez heading to an average Arsenal from an average Liverpool?

Arsène Wenger says:

“The issue is that the club sometimes does not want to sell at any price. And in the example of Suárez and you are Liverpool, you have to calculate if you want to get into the Champions League, who are our rivals and do we want to sell to them? Unless they need the money or they have a clause or things like that, things [do not always work] just because you put the money up.”


“There is not many in Europe honestly. I don’t disagree that we are a bit light at the moment. There is a shortage of top talent and many clubs who have money. We are ready to spend the money if we feel that the players make us a better team tomorrow morning. We are guided by the quality of the player. If you absolutely want to describe me as a tight person and you would live with me, you would see that I am not. I am rather generous. Today we look for the quality and not necessarily the money that we spend. We have to still respect equity, if you have international players paid a certain level of money. I understand every frustration, you have so many frustrated people.”

To the Times that means:

“Arsène Wenger confesses that Luis Suárez will not sign”

In other news:

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The Telegraph: “Luis Suárez reconciliation with Liverpool on cards after apology that earns striker a place on training ground

The Mail: “Humiliated Suarez forced to say sorry to his Liverpool team-mates…”

The Indy: “Luis Suarez is back in training but still no sign of apology to Liverpool”

PS – Today Arsenal lost 1-3 at home to the mighty Aston Villa. Suarez must be licking his lips at the chance of silverwear with the Gunners.

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