Anorak News | Snail grows in toddler’s knee – we’re all going to die

Snail grows in toddler’s knee – we’re all going to die

by | 4th, September 2013

Paul Franklin

HERE at Anorak, we like to tell you about the demise of the human race thanks to our cousins in the animal world. Badgers have destroyed roads, tiny horses have started riding on public transport, rabbits are invading, Bigfoot is knocking about again and bears have started causing trouble in pubs.

Now, animals are hatching out of human limbs. We really are doomed.

Four-year-old Paul Franklin from California, fell over and grazed his knee. Nothing usual there. However, his knee soon became really swollen, so his parents decided to have a look at him.

Franklin’s mother, obviously not a qualified GP, had a go at the wound by giving it a good ol’ squeeze. And then she found a snail growing inside her boy’s leg.

She said:

“His knee was the size of an orange, and hot to the touch, and he’s limping.¬†What came out looked like a rock – it was a black thing and I put it on a paper towel. It had whirls and I turned it over and it was a sea snail, and I just, like, had to laugh.”

The family has kept and named the snail, Turbo.

Paul Franklin 1

Meanwhile, little Paul Franklin is destined to a life of a waking nightmare, forever recalling the time when something was living inside him like Alien’s baby… and he’ll know that he was just a cog in a wheel, which would see animals destroying mankind once and for all.

Godspeed, young Paul.

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