Anorak News | Newsreader interrupted live on-air by her own child

Newsreader interrupted live on-air by her own child

by | 4th, September 2013

Lena Alwash

CHILDREN are idiots aren’t they? Especially your own. And one Moroccan newsreader found that out when her daughter interrupted her at work while she was live on telly.

Lena Alwash’s live broadcast on Morocco’s Medi 1 TV channel is interrupted when her daughter randomly appears behind her to hand her a mobile.

Upon realising her mum might actually be working and addressing viewers, rather than just blankly talking to the ether in a stern voice, the child realises how dim she is and tries to duck out of shot.

Ever the ultimate professional, Lena doesn’t even break stride save for the briefest of cold glances at her bounding offspring.

Have a look here.

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