Anorak News | Italian smuggles his factory to Poland

Italian smuggles his factory to Poland

by | 23rd, August 2013


I REALLY do like this story. Bloke in Italy, company’s not making any money. And it’s Italy, so he can’t fire anybody or lower wages or anything. So, over the annual shutdown he simply packs up all the kit and exports it to Poland:

Earlier this month, Fabrizio Pedroni wished his employees a happy summer holiday and told them to return to work in three weeks. That night, he began dismantling his electric component factory in northern Italy and packing its machinery off to Poland.

“Had I told them earlier about any plans to shift the production abroad, they would have occupied my factory and seized all my stuff,” Pedroni said in an Aug. 21 telephone interview from Poland. “The plain truth is that I wanted my business to survive and there weren’t the right conditions for me to operate in Italy any longer.”

The news that Firem Srl, based in Formigine near Modena, was shifting to Eastern Europe reached the 40 employees too late. On Aug. 13, 11 days after Pedroni activated his plan, a group of employees suspicious of the movements around the plant rushed to its gates just in time to stop the last of 20 lorries packed with machinery.

The point of the story being that everyone needs to be fairly flexible about their job and their wages for if they’re not they might well wake up one day without a job or wages.

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