Anorak News | The animated tattoo is a thing of wonder

The animated tattoo is a thing of wonder

by | 24th, August 2013

SO.  You got the tramp stamp, the Hebrew script, the lyrics and the Chinese symbol. Your tattoos are on trend. Well, they were. The latest thing is the animated tattoo. No need to wait for gravity to turn that proud dragon into a flaccid blue worm:

Marina Galperina:

The NFC / RFID chip is the size of a grand of sand. It’s equipped with a tiny antenna and encased inside a glass capsule to keep it from being disrupted by its fleshy environment. This chip stores 1KB of data and is readable like a key fob by compatible phones, tablets, card readers and the Arduino microcontroller. … It’s read-only, but changeable when Antonellis decides to upload new works. These could be GIFs, JPGs, Midi files, favicons, [or] ASCII art.

ASCII is the future...

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