Anorak News | Sophie Anderton: when the News of the World exposed the supermodel prostitute

Sophie Anderton: when the News of the World exposed the supermodel prostitute

by | 24th, August 2013

SOPHIE Anderton is the former British celebrity billed at various times in her career as a supermodel, face of the  2006’s National Egg Awareness Campaign and coke-snorting prostitute. She is now featuring on Celebrity Big Brother. The much-missed News of the World exposed the sex for sale thus:

In a sensational secret rendezvous with a News of the World undercover man, the leggy supermodel STRIPPED to her G-string and Christian Louboutin stilettos and spread herself across the bed.

“I’m great at sex,” Sophie bragged as she beckoned our reporter to romp with her. “I’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll look great on your fucking arm. I’m a supermodel.”

‘Arm’ might have been a euphemism. The NoW was a family organ.

The beauty, who has publicly claimed she’s beaten her long battle with drug addiction, also offered our man cocaine.

“Everyone takes drugs. You don’t take coke?” she asked. “I’ve got some on me. Do you want a line?”

“I just think short term, and at the end of the day nobody gets hurt.” Then she laid down the ground rules for sex. “Definitely with condoms,” she said. Spanking is cool. But I’m not into any kinky shit, to be honest.”

Sophie also said that she was “cool” with giving her punter oral sex. “I know that I’m great in bed,” she added. “But if I don’t feel comfortable with something I’m not going to go along with it and be fake. I don’t do the whole fake thing.”

She was keen to make sure the sex was fuelled by cocaine. So she offered to call her cocaine dealer, a girl called Isabella. “It’s £50 a gram. And it’s in rocks as well–it’s not cut,” said Sophie. “She’s very trustworthy. She’s a friend of mine. This is the only person I go to and she stops working at 11.”


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