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Jamie Oliver: missionary to the white working classes

by | 29th, August 2013

The Prince of Wales visited  Carshalton Boys Sports College with Jamie Oliver to see how the school has transformed its approach to healthy eating through a series of measures put in place by headteacher, Simon Barber.  During their tour of the school, The Prince and Jamie viewed food technology lesson in action; visited the school cafeteria during lunch hour; meet the students and teachers tending the school chickens; and visited the students, parents and community volunteers from the “Mud Club”, growing food in the school playground. JAMIE OLIVER WITH A SCARECROW AND THE PRINCE  .Picture: Arthur Edwards

JAMIE Oliver wants to call you names. He sees it as his job. He has called you “idiots” for letting your children eat “junk food” (defined as food Jamie doesn’t like eating). Because in Jamie’s world where facts are unimportant and what children enjoy eating (salty fat) will lead to them dying before their parents and vomiting faeces (Oliver school of junk science), mum and dad are “tossers” and “arseholes” for allowing children to drink fizzy pop and eat sweets. It is “close to child abuse” says Jamie.

Jamie’s the mockney moraliser who looked at a parent and noted “the mum and the kid eating chips and cheese out of Styrofoam containers, and behind them is a massive fucking TV”. In Joyless Jamie’s world the poor kids should eat vegetables and listen to the radio, or watch Jamie’s TV shows in black and white; good and bad food given the monochrome treatment.

Jamie says fast food is “the most expensive way to hydrate and feed their families” . Parents should “grab ten mangetout for dinner that night”.

Now Jamie is attacking the young. Jamie says young British people are “wet behind the ears” and European immigrants are “tougher” workers.

This follows white middle-class Jamie’s other news that the ethnics are more in tune with his intolerant message:

“The sad thing is that generally ethnic kids and ethnic dinner ladies embrace either the cooking or the eating 10 times quicker than what we have learned to call ‘white trash’… This doesn’t mean they are bad people – far from it, just that ethnic minorities have a bigger sense of family, culture, have a use for the dinner table in the house and use food as a way of celebrating and communicating and being a family. It sounds very sad but in my experience it’s totally true. But, it doesn’t mean the harder kids won’t get turned around, it just takes a little longer.’ 

The poor whites are Jamie’s target. Jamie (value: £150m) is the council estate missionary teaching the low-lives his eating positions: sit up straight at the table and swallow his shit.


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