Anorak News | Jose Mourinho names himself 11 times in Chelsea’s first team that beat Bayern Munich (morally)

Jose Mourinho names himself 11 times in Chelsea’s first team that beat Bayern Munich (morally)

by | 31st, August 2013


Chelsea's manager Jose Mourinho reacts on the touchline

THE journalist asks Chelsea manager Joe Mourinho before his team took on Bayern Munich in the Super Cup:

“You have played Guardiola’s teams 15 times and only won three times. Why is it so difficult to beat his teams?”

Mourinho’s answer was great:

“Your statistics are wrong. Very wrong. Very wrong, because – but I don’t want to discuss that because it’s not important. I’ll just say it’s wrong. Go there and see what happened with Inter in the Champions League semi-final. The league records in Spain. The Copa del Rey in Spain. The Super Cup in Spain. You are very, very wrong. But it’s not important.”

Ok. Whoaaah, Jose. We get it . It is unimportant. No need to go on…

“This is not me against him, it’s club against club. That’s not important. I just know that I won the Champions League semi-final with Inter Milan. I won the Spanish Cup final in Valencia. I won the Super Cup in Spain. I was champion in Spain. I won the match of the title in Barcelona with Real Madrid. Maybe you are right and I am wrong, but I don’t care. It’s not important for me.”

About those stats:

Guardiola v Mourinho: 15 matches; Guardiola wins: 7;  draws: five;  Mourinho wins: three. Journalist:1; Mourinho: nil.

So. How did the game go? Well, Guardiola’s Bayern won. Eight wins for him now, then.

Says Jose about it being about the club not him, with reference to a red card awarded to Chelsea’s Ramires:

I have a fantastic experience of playing with 10 men in Uefa matches. I have a great experience. So I could react. I could coach my players in a way where, even with 10 men, even very, very tired, they could compete and find an opportunity to score a goal. In the end of the game, with everybody absolutely tired, they gave absolutely everything. I think my experience of playing with 10 men gave us a hand.”

I played two or three times with 10 men against Barça. I went to Inter and played a Champions League semi-final, one hour, with 10 men against Barcelona. I go to Real Madrid, I played again a Champions League semi-final with 10 men.

“Now I come back to Chelsea and played a Super Cup final with 10 men again, and go to analyse the actions and make your conclusions. I’m unlucky. Just that.”

How many “Is” in Mourinho’s Chelsea team? A first XI of them…

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