Anorak News | Swan arrested as spy in Egypt

Swan arrested as spy in Egypt

by | 3rd, September 2013

swan spy

ACCORDING to English folklore, the people of Hartlepool once hung a monkey to death because they thought it was a French spy during the Napoleonic wars.

That kind of nonsense couldn’t possibly happen now, could it? Of course it could! You read the headline! A swan in Egypt has been detained on suspicion of being a spy.

An unnamed man is said to have become suspicious of the necky bird when he noticed that it was wearing an odd electronic device.

Instead of trying to kick its face off and swipe the device, he took the swan to a police station in the Qena governorate, just to be on the safe side.

Mohammed Kamal, Qena’s head of security, confirmed that officials had examined the bird and the device it was wearing.

And what was going on? Was the swan fitted with an exciting laser gun or a Parker pen that fires a single bullet? They discovered that it was a wildlife tracker and posed no threat to security.

Egypt there, a bit mad after the Arab Spring, it seems.

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