Anorak News | All hail the My Little Pony CV!

All hail the My Little Pony CV!

by | 5th, September 2013


FANS of My Little Pony are terrifying. They’re not children. They’re all adults who like watching talking ponies fly around with their day-glo skin and are more obsessive than Breaking Bad and Smiths fans put together.

And so, to a My Little Pony CV that some lunatic sent into a potential workplace.

Discovered by Twitter user @a_girl_irl, computer science expert Joseph talks up his credentials in the document that’s themed with tiny pink horses.

He loves passing on his knowledge and getting everypony excited about computer science!” reads one line which feels like it will end up being read out on the news as part of some kind of murder investigation.

Of course, the CV features My Little Pony characters, all leaping around with their weird eyelashes and grinning faces.

Everyone has been speculating over whether or not the résumé is a joke or not, but there’s a very good chance that it isn’t because Bronies are the most distressing people in the world.

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