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How to dress your hamster with a cardboard box and felt tips

by | 6th, September 2013

JENNY, of Mythillogical- Myths & Fabrications, writes:

My daughter wanted to dress up her hamster in dolly clothes, I told her that wasn’t really going to work…but if we cut holes in a box and make some of those seaside type pictures you stick your head through, only hamster sized, perhaps we could make him look like he dressed up!

-I should point out to anyone concerned about animal cruelty- David Bowie (the hamster pictured) was not forced to do this, he put his head through the holes of his own accord, and out of curiosity. It is basically a box with holes in- the kind of thing you are encouraged to offer your hamster to play in for enrichment. You wouldn’t worry about someone giving their hamster a cardboard tube to play with- this is the same idea. The paints used are all non-toxic and kid safe, to ensure they would not cause him any harm. He was only in the box for a few minutes, and we took him out as soon as he got bored. If anyone else is intending to do the same, please do so responsibly, and with the best interests of your hamster at heart. Thanks 🙂













Guinea Pigs still win.


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