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Why do men still have to pay for dates?

by | 10th, September 2013

paying for datesTHERE really are some handwringing feminists who need to get out a bit more. This particular one is wondering why it is that it’s men that usually pay for dates. The answer is very simple but not one that seems to have occurred to her.

When it comes to dating, even in 2013 and even among millennials, men are still largely expected to pick up the check.

There’s one detailed point where she is simply wrong:

And despite much bally-hooed talk about the “real” cause of the wage gap, the fact of the matter remains that, no matter how you caveat it, women make less than their peers in the same professions and much less than their male peers if you take into account their differing choices of professions (which some writers have noted are often driven by the experience of sexism in universities and professional settings).

So when it comes time to pull out one’s wallet at the end of the date for people under 30, the sad truth is that there might not be much money in either, but it’s statistically probable that there is less in the woman’s.

This is untrue. There is indeed a gender pay gap for those under 30: and it’s in favour of women. There is also a gender pay gap against women when considering all women but this is because we don’t really, when you think about it, have a gender pay gap at all. We have a motherhood pay gap. It’s the having and rearing of children that causes it and given that that tends to start around age 30 these days that’s when the gap begins to go against women.

But back to the major point being made: why do men pay for dates?

Largely because men are looking for sex and women have a monopoly on those bits necessary for a bit of heterosexual slap and tickle. Thus men have to impress the women into giving them access.

All a little neanderthal I agree but that is still what is going on.

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