Anorak News | Susan Boyle’s Christmas LP to feature Elvis’ ghost

Susan Boyle’s Christmas LP to feature Elvis’ ghost

by | 10th, September 2013

elvis boyleREMEMBER when everyone didn’t think Susan Boyle could sing because she wasn’t a young woman with an attractive face, wearing a snapback cap hi-tops? Then she sang with that soaring Radio 2 voice and everyone felt a bit bad, before continuing to continually talk about her looks because we’d learned nothing?

Well, while everyone has been working out whether they’re arseholes or not, Susan has been conquering the world with her easy-listening, raking in huge amounts of cash and forgetting all about us sausage roll dribbling plebs who have to queue up for things and worry about our mobile bills.

And with that, while supposedly credible pop stars toil and complain about Spotify royalties and endlessly slogging their guts out in a variety of mucky venues, Boyle has landed a plumb duet with the ghost of Elvis Presley.

Eat that musos.

“To put a unique twist on classic Christmas songs is truly wonderful,” said Boyle. “I grew up listening to Elvis and to sing with him, well, I didn’t think it would be possible. Isn’t technology brilliant? The track is for my father – and for Elvis.”

The Britain’s Got Talent star’s producers used some studio wizardry to combine her vocals with those of The King on the track ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’, which will star on Boyle’s fifth studio album, ‘Home For Christmas’. And it’ll sell a bucketload. You probably won’t know anyone who buys it, and will write it off as some past-it failure, but then again, you don’t know anyone who buys any music at all, because you and your friends are too hip and get everything from torrents.

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